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파라메트릭 & 컴퓨테이셔널 디자인 컨설팅, 디지털 페브리케이션, 로보틱스 워크숍, 거티(GERTY, private software) 교육에 대한 문의가 있다면 연락주십시오.

Contact us for all enquiries including parametric & computational design consultancy, manufacturing and in-situ installation services, digital and physical modelling (6 axis industrial robot, laser-cutting, CNC-milling, foam cutting and so on)  and rendering. parametric & robotic workshops, private software(GERTY) classes.


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03371서울특별시 은평구 통일로 684 서울혁신파크 1단지(상상청) 3층 305호

305ho, ,1 Dan-ji(SangSang Cheong), Seoul Innovation Park, 684 Tongil-ro, Enpyung-gu, Seoul, Korea, 03371