Welding Korea 2018

창원 국제용접 및 절단기술전

2018.10.16 ~ 19

Growing Metal_Stool

BAT with BestFA

More Images about 3D printed Stool on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

2017 Seoul Biennale

Production City / Robotic Ceramics in Architecture

인폼드 세라믹스

협업. 김영수(ZLarchitects)

InFormed Ceramics

In Collaboration with Youngsoo Kim(ZLarchitects)

Details about InFormed Ceramics Link

2017 Seoul Biennale

Production City / Fabrication Agency


BAT + 삶것


BAT + Lifethings

Details about ManuFaBrick Link


2015 Maker Faire Seoul

Gwacheon National Science Museum

Brick Laying

More Images about Brick Laying Link

Technical details about Brick Laying Link